Past events

LCB TV4 - Identity 2.0

On LCB TV on YouTube from 28 October

Design stories shorts with Design Season partner ImageNova

Savena and Arda of digital arts and design company Identity 2.0 talk about their mission to empower and enable grown up debate around identity and data.

Following on from their ground breaking exhibition at LCB Depot earlier this year, commissioned through Smart Cities, we are proud to present Identity 2.0’s film The Design of Racism.
We are increasingly putting our trust in data and automation which feels like a new thing, a digital thing – it feels inexorable. Identity 2.0 explains here how this isn’t a new thing. The design and manipulation of data has been going on in some scenarios for decades if not centuries and in a sense has become truth. Identity’s voice here serves as a reminder how critical it is to be our own analysts. How do we trust data? How do we know what to think?’

LCB TV 5 : How to Make Design Your Career

Are you looking to get into a career in design? Not sure what to study or where to spend your time?

Hear from Sam & Will, from Effect Digital’s design team, as they share their experiences on carving their way into the digital design industry and the lessons they have learnt along the way.

On LCB TV on YouTube from Thursday 28 October


LCB TV3 - Some Bright Spark : Keeping a company alive

On LCB TV on YouTube

Design stories shorts with Design Season partner ImageNova.

How does an events company offer their services when the world of events suddenly got cancelled? This is the story about Some Bright Spark and how they redesigned their business model to not only continue offering their services, but thrive in a post COVID-19 world.

LCB TV1 - Leicester Space Park

LCB TV on YouTube from 4pm on Thursday 21 October

Design stories shorts with Design Season partner ImageNova 

Leicester Space Park : Head of Marketing Tom Wheldon talks us through inception, design, ambition and (ouch) lift off. Building upon the heritage and space-science excellence of the University of Leicester, Space Park is a collaborative community of industry, academics and students working together to drive growth in space and space-enabled sectors. The Space Park is on Corporation Road LE4 5SP, near Leicester Space Centre.

LCB TV 2 - Design and the DJ

LCB TV on YouTube from 4pm Tuesday 19 October

Design stories shorts with Design Season partner ImageNova.

Still relevant still doing it still in the ascendance, DJ Tony Minvielle of Jazz FM, Folded Space and the rest presents a personal perspective on changes and trends in design and and DJ culture