A collective voice - collaboration as MO - all or nothing - nobody here gets out alive!

Around 2016 the city/region’s own creative industries hub LCB Depot began working towards a bigger voice for the creative sector.  The following two years saw a flurry of events, talks, partnerships, and collaborations to release the energy in the city.

So from this was born the ‘transactional model’ – no big commissioning budgets before anything could happen, no messy us-and-them approach – simply the idea that every event, every exhibition, every strategy every-thing in fact was best done together, through shared aims and goals and the creation of shared value.

Design Season was conceived from day 1 as a team effort. LCB led on the convening of a partnership of businesses and business collectives, networks with forays into Academia, and Higher Education to achieve the ever-elusive ‘sum of the parts.’

For better or for worse – this is how we roll. When it came to Design Season – everyone would put something in and everyone will get something out.