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LCB Cafe Design agencies, web designers, UX professionals, coders, students, creatives, networkers
Create Leicester is once again partnering with Leicester Design Season 2022. On Thursday 27th Oct 2022, we will be hosting our next Create Leicester event at LCB Depot! As part of LCB Depot’s Design Season we have an exciting evening lined up as we welcome Ollie Wells, UX Lead Consultant from CGI.

Talk title – What’s the point of UX? Talk description coming soon!

Register now – All Eventbrite registered guests will be provided ONE FREE drink token to be redeemed at the legendary Gray’s Kitchen on the night – our hospitality partner for the evening

Can’t make it over to LCB Depot?! Don’t Fear – We are aiming to capture the event via a Zoom webinar – Register here



Ollie Wells – UX Lead Consultant from CGI

An experienced and passionate digital practitioner with specialist skills in user experience and interaction design. I lead the delivery of digital products and services that are efficient, intuitive and delight users through simplicity, refinement and attention to detail.

Talk Title: What’s the point of UX?



6:00pm – LCB Depot open

6:30pm – Introductions

6:35pm – Talk#1

7:00pm – Break & Networking

7:55pm – Outro

8pm – End


Who’s it for?


Create aims to bring together the digital design community in Leicester and Leicestershire.  The events are open to all with an interest in improving the digital design environment in our city. Perfect for anyone starting out in the industry or for professionals looking to expand their knowledge from digital leaders.


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Bar Sponsor: The Agency Works

Education Partner: De Montfort University

Partners: LCB Depot & Bulb Studios

Create Leicester

Hercy B Is Over Party

LCB Depot Designers, collaborative artists, the curious, LCB tenants, the general public

Artist Courtney Askey installation at LCB Depot presenting works and ideas from her ‘workpace residency’ earlier this year especially for LCB’s Design Season.

Courtney spent a month in residency in an office upstairs at Phoenix Workpaces, part of the Phoenix Cinema complex in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.  The work created is part of the project Hercy B, ongoing since  2019. During the month Courtney “went to work” at the office of Hercy B  Enterprises, a fictional AI tech company that was recently the  centre of a scandalous global data leak. Throughout the month Courtney  inhabited the character of Charlotte Ives, disgraced CEO of the  company.  

Creating an installation slowly over the course of the month and documenting the experience on a wheelie whiteboard, a body body of work in photography,  video, installation, sound and performance was created.  



Design Leicester presents: Design and Innovation - call and response

LCB Depot - Courtyard Room Designers, policy professionals, planners, decision makers. academics, students, general public

If Design Innovation is a process that meets peoples need are we all on the same page this presentation and debate from Design Leicester asks.  Our session brings together academics, creatives, businesses, innovators and producers to consider what great design and innovation looks like and then consider how might we really build better.  Do we agree what challenges we face, do the powers that be grasp how the design community can step up and does the design community itself drive itself forward to offer possibilities.

With representatives from DMU’s design unit, the Arts AI Festival, Knowledge transfer partnerships and the design community itself the sessions offers the opportunity to start grasp what should be done and what can be done

Design Leicester ''ALL IN'' Designing for ALL from the National Space Centre Leicester to the Smithsonian Washington DC.

LCB Depot - Lightbox Designers, Academics, Cultural Venues, Producers, promoters, events organisations, policy professionals, planners

Design Season 2021 saw the commencement of the ”ALL IN” group. Initiated by Bill Haley of award winning Haley Sharpe Design and drawing on design work for cultural institutions the world over, this group has spent the year committed to a programme of consultation and testing of ideas designed to define, create and advocate for inclusivity in design

Twelve months on from Design Season 2021 Bill and the ALL IN gropup will detail their works to date and how the ALL-IN group been involved with offering accessibility and access advice using the ALL-IN inclusive process when designing for accessibility in LEICESTER. Oraghnisations to date include Attenborough Centre, Curve, the Phoenix, LCB, Graffwerks and the Journeys Festival with Art Reach. Come and see what we have done in 12 months.  Find out

Who we are

Hear about our process ALL IN – ACCESS-ABILITY and our mission to promote barrier removal

Who is included in ALL IN and how you can get involved

Arts AI Festival and the British Science Festival presents 'STATE OF CREATIVE AI' a talk by LUBA ELLIOTT

LCB Depot Cafe Tech enthusiasts, codes, AI practitioners., academics, students, general public

Leading independent creative AI curator and researcher, Luba Elliott will discuss some of the most contemporary applications of creative AI today.

Luba will present the state of the art in creative AI. The past few years have seen the development of AI art as a trend. From its beginnings with DeepDream and style transfer to GANs and CLIP, AI art has long moved beyond the world of research and academia to find itself straddling the worlds of media and contemporary art and now NFTs. The contemporary art world’s fascination with the social impact of facial recognition, recommendation systems and deep fakes has encouraged artists to explore AI critically as subject matter, while NFTs have shifted the focus back to aesthetics. This talk will give an overview of how artists and technologists are using and thinking about machine learning, its creative potential and societal impact.

You can also find this event on the British Science Festival website HERE

About Luba Elliott

Luba Elliott is a curator, producer and researcher specialising in artificial intelligence in the creative industries.  She is currently working to educate and engage the broader public about the latest developments in creative AI through talks, exhibitions and tech demonstrations at venues across the art, business and technology spectrum including The Photographers’ Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, ZKM Karlsruhe, Impakt Festival, The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, CogX, NeurIPS and ICCV.

Luba is a partner of Leicester’s Art AI Festival, working as the Festival’s curator, and other recent projects include the online gallery and NeurIPS Machine Learning for Creativity and Design Workshop. She is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence. Prior to that, she worked in start-ups, including the art collector database Larry’s List. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Modern Languages at the University of Cambridge and has a certificate in Design Thinking from the Hasso-Plattner-Institute D-school in Potsdam.

Online Luba can be found sharing AI updates on twitter, curating a Creative AI newsletter and art impressions on instagram.

URBANISM IN FOCUS: Working lunch: Introducing food’s urban graphic heritage – Public session, led by Robert Harland. Leicester Urban Observatory presents a day of events and activities exploring we live together and interact in cities

LCB Depot Lightbox general public

Working lunch: Introducing food’s urban graphic heritage – Public session, led by Robert Harland. At this session we invite participants to bring and eat a lunch that holds meaning for them as a way to reflect on their heritage, family and lived experience. This could include places to eat, food from other countries etc

Leicester Urban Observatory is a collaboration between urban practitioners at Leicester City Council and academics at three local universities: De Montfort University, University of Leicester, and Loughborough University. It aims to establish and develop a combined centre of excellence in urban studies and planning for Leicester.

For Design Season the UO has developed ‘Urbanism’ a day where the UOP takes over at LCB Depot to present a range of works and ideas relating to the urban environment and the way we live and co-exist.

Follow the UO at Twitter @LeicsObs

LCB TV4 - Identity 2.0

On LCB TV on YouTube from 28 October

Design stories shorts with Design Season partner ImageNova

Savena and Arda of digital arts and design company Identity 2.0 talk about their mission to empower and enable grown up debate around identity and data.

Following on from their ground breaking exhibition at LCB Depot earlier this year, commissioned through Smart Cities, we are proud to present Identity 2.0’s film The Design of Racism.
We are increasingly putting our trust in data and automation which feels like a new thing, a digital thing – it feels inexorable. Identity 2.0 explains here how this isn’t a new thing. The design and manipulation of data has been going on in some scenarios for decades if not centuries and in a sense has become truth. Identity’s voice here serves as a reminder how critical it is to be our own analysts. How do we trust data? How do we know what to think?’

LCB TV 5 : How to Make Design Your Career

Are you looking to get into a career in design? Not sure what to study or where to spend your time?

Hear from Sam & Will, from Effect Digital’s design team, as they share their experiences on carving their way into the digital design industry and the lessons they have learnt along the way.

On LCB TV on YouTube from Thursday 28 October


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