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Hercy B Is Over Party

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Artist Courtney Askey installation at LCB Depot presenting works and ideas from her ‘workpace residency’ earlier this year especially for LCB’s Design Season.

Courtney spent a month in residency in an office upstairs at Phoenix Workpaces, part of the Phoenix Cinema complex in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.  The work created is part of the project Hercy B, ongoing since  2019. During the month Courtney “went to work” at the office of Hercy B  Enterprises, a fictional AI tech company that was recently the  centre of a scandalous global data leak. Throughout the month Courtney  inhabited the character of Charlotte Ives, disgraced CEO of the  company.  

Creating an installation slowly over the course of the month and documenting the experience on a wheelie whiteboard, a body body of work in photography,  video, installation, sound and performance was created.